Gitlab Runner for AWS

Gitlab Ci is gaining traction in both the Hosted and Cloud-Hosted versions because it is tackling one of the “DevOps” challenges, nr of tools used across the different Software Development teams by offering a single solution with many tools such as SCM; CI/CD or GitOps; ticketing; analytics; security etc (we are not endorsing Gitlab tools).

Having said that we found that there was an opportunity to give back by creating this repo and its content because at the time we had several deployments into our clients we found practical implementation instructions on AWS lacking a bit (things will change I’m sure).

What will I find in this repo?

  • A Terraform stack for 0.14+ AWS Ec2 GitLab runner using (coming soon) docker-machine
  • Cloudformation deployment for AWS Ec2 GitLab runner using docker-machine
  • The Helm chart for GitLab runner (coming soon)
  • Documentation with all steps.



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