Performing Optimized Search Queries with AWS DynamoDB
1 min readMay 31, 2022


Amazon DynamoDB is a simple, secure and efficient way to configure data models for our application in a manner that guarantees fast, predictable performance and scalability. It however comes with some downsides, especially its limited querying capabilities. While an additional search engine expense on top of the usual database cost might be discouraging, integrating an efficient full-text modern search solution such as ElasticSearch gives your data-driven application a huge performance boost and ultra-rich search abilities.

An efficient search solution is an essential part of your application’s architectural performance. It’s therefore important to examine which of the available solutions provides the best business value.

There are a number of external search solutions available for integration with your DynamoDB data.

💥 Here are the two enhanced search engines well-suited for searching through all types of data.

✔ Amazon ElasticSearch
✔ Amazon CloudSearch

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